Nap Protesting

It has become a struggle at nap time again.  Ethan, as usual, goes to bed without incident almost every time.  He's not even nursing anymore so you just have to lay him in his crib, turn on his Scout and he puts himself to sleep.  Aaron on the other hand...  (I guess that phrase is used a lot huh?)  Aaron naps about 50% of the time right now.  I thought maybe he was just not tired and getting plenty of sleep at night but that's not the case.  No matter what time I put him to bed at night he still gets up early, as in 6:30 or 7:00 - Even when he stays up late!  Plus when he doesn't nap he first gets really squirrel-y, then cranky, then just plain old mean.  So skipping nap is simply not OK in la casa de Farnsworth!

Here is a picture of one of his protests:

There were curtains but he tore them down, rod and all.  He is not clothed at all - of his own doing.  There is probably urine on the floor and quite possibly poop too.  We don't know if he does that to get back at us for trying to make him nap or what!  The room was clean before putting him bed...

Just when you want to scream and get mad, he says stuff like, "Mommy whats the matter?" So innocently like it's totally normal for him to trash the place.  Or  "I love you mommy."  That's the one that gets me.  He makes it easy and hard at the same time to get mad.  How is that even possible?! 

Today, after 2 straight days of no naps, I took him for a car ride to put him to sleep.  Ethan was out already and John is home - sleeping as he worked last night - so I left Ethan and took Aaron out.  After 12 minutes he was out cold.  He's been asleep now for 30 min.  I don't wan this to be the answer every time but for now, I'm enjoying catching up on the blog!