The Good Life

When does life ever slow down?  Looking back through some of my pictures I can't believe how fast our little boys are growing up.  I am so thankful for our wonderful little family.  It sure feels like we are living in the sweet spot right now.  John has been off for a few days and it is so nice to spend some family time together.  Here is a look at some recent activities.
Daddy and Aaron climbing at the "airplane" park.  (It's one of our new favorite parks located at the Gardner Municipal Airport.)
 Both boys absolutely LOVE to swing.  We like to sing songs while I alternate pushing them.
 Grocery shopping is a little more bearable with cool carts like this one.  They think it's pretty neat to "steer" the cart.
 What did I say?  He LOVES to swing.
 Using whatever kitchen tools we can find, Aaron makes food from play dough.  This one is a green ice cream cone.
 The Heintzleman kids have introduced Aaron to the world of basketball.  He will throw anything into the basket. 
 Bad boo boo from an accident on the front steps.  It was scary and we did take him to the ER but he is doing fine now.  He thought the sticker was cool and he was more concerned with his leg scrape.  He's back to his crazy self and still jumping off of anything and everything!
 Planting flowers with daddy while Ethan watches and mommy cooks dinner.
 Ethan soaking up the sun and giggling at the wind.
 Sweet baby boy.
Chase me!!  He is so fast!