New Plans

This is to make everything official.  Over the last few weeks - even months though we didn't understand yet - we feel like God has been opening doors and opportunities for us in Colorado.  He is moving in a big way in our life and it is both exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time!  We are feeling so completely drawn to Lakewood in several ways that it is impossible to ignore.  So here is our conclusion:  we are moving to Colorado as soon as our house sells!

There are many things that have led us to this decision but here are the top three:

1.  We feel God is calling us to serve together in a powerful way in Lakewood, CO.  This could possibly be through Red Rocks Church where we have been plugging into messages online and I for one have fallen in love with the heart and mission of this church.

2.  We feel John is being called to a new direction in his career as a Flight Nurse.  This is VERY exciting and he currently has an application and resume submitted for a position with Flight For Life Colorado at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood.  Please be praying for an interview!  He also has an application in for an ICU position in St. Anthonys Hospital in case he can't get into FFL right away.  It is looking very promising that he could start in late May in their Medical ICU (there are 5 ICUs at this hospital).

3.  We have family there that have gone before us.  Matt and Jacquelyn moved to the Denver area in December and though they may not stay in Lakewood specifically, they will be close.  If we are to up and leave everything we know and are comfortable with, and all of our friends and family who are here, it will be nice to have someone to welcome us there.

And of course it goes without saying - this is a life long dream of ours and we look forward to being so close to the mountains where hiking, biking, camping and skiing are right at our fingertips!

Our house goes on the market on the 23rd (Monday!)  We have done a lot of work to it so we pray someone is already out there primed and ready to fall in love with it when they see it.

So there you have it!  That is our exciting plan.  Now begins the waiting game of selling the house and preparing to re-locate to a different state.


  1. Yay!!! Happy house on the market day!! Dying to hear about John's job!


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