Our Visit to CO

It's hard to believe it's been a month since we visited but time flies by!  Last month John and I got to go and visit Matt and Jacquelyn in Denver.  We left the kiddos in the care of both of our parents (alternating days).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching the boys while we were gone!!!!!  How lucky we are to escape for a few days. : )

We left Friday morning and that night we ate dinner in downtown Denver at a neat bar with both Matt and Jacquelyn.  On Saturday we spent some time hanging out with Jacquelyn while Matt was at work.  We looked at some houses in the area, went to REI, visited Matt at the paint shop where he was working at the time, rented our skis, and then had an awesome home cooked meal at their place for dinner.  Jacquelyn made these awesome calzones with broccoli and sausage.  They were VERY tasty. : )

On Sunday we all headed for the slopes at Loveland.  Matt and Jacquelyn snow boarded while John and I skied.  I was pretty proud that out of the whole day I only had one panic attack!  Seriously though, we did have a blast and wore ourselves out as we did run after run from the time they opened in the morning to the time they shut down the lifts in the afternoon.  Ok, so John and I quit about 45 minutes early...  After a brief Jeep tour along the continental divide, we headed back to their place for take out and movies.

 Lunch break
 Matt and Jacquelyn on the lift in front of us
 hmm... I think I have another pic like this from several years ago...
 The view on top of the black runs along the continental divide.  I did not witness this one in person!  Matt, Jacquelyn and John all made it to the top or should I say made it DOWN from the top.

 We stopped very briefly (it was so windy!) for a photo opp from our Jeep ride on Loveland Pass

By Monday we were ready to see the kids but not ready to leave CO yet.  We left early (or attempted to) and headed for Frisco, the place where John and I got engaged over 10 years ago.  It was quite nostalgic and we reminisced of the places we had eaten and the hotel we stayed at.  The ride home seemed to take forever but we finally got back around 8:00pm and were happy to see the boys again.  The trip certainly stirred something inside us though...  We'll be headed back soon.

 March 12th, 2012
October 20th, 2001