Picnic Update

Yup - we're still counting picnics!!  We're ready for 23.  Looks like 100 isn't out of the question for the year!  It is so cool to hear Aaron request "I wanna go on a picnic."  My car is stocked with a picnic blanket, bubbles, balls, wipes, the little stroller, Aaron's bike and helmet and sunscreen.  All we need is food and drinks and we're set.  We love eating outside.  Here are the latest outings.

P 16 - Black Bob Park with Aunt Chelsee  (No Picture)
 P 17 - Veterans Park
 P 18 - The Great Mall
 P 19 - Meadowbrook Park
 P 20 - Gardner Municipal Airport
 P 21 - "The Blue park"
P 22 - Backyard cookout