One of Aaron's interests right now is airplanes.  He LOVES to see them fly in the air and points them out every chance he gets.  Sometimes he even asks me to roll down the window so he can hear it.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we live so close to the Gardner Municipal Airport.  The park there is one of Aaron's favorites because we get to hang out right by the tarmac and occasionally we see planes land or take off.  They are small prop planes and he is totally fascinated by them.  He loves pointing to things and asking what they are or "how does it work mommy?"  He is so smart and I love seeing the wheels turning in his mind.  Like, how does that funny looking thing that has wheels fly like a bird in the air?

So the other night while we were killing time to show our house, I decided to take the boys to New Century Airport to see if we could find a park or look at planes together.  There is a Navy Park there that has a few fighter jets (at least I think that's what they are) on display.  They are gutted and are for looks only so we stopped to get out and check it out.  It was pretty neat.  I wish I knew more about planes!  While we were there we saw (in the distance) a Learjet take off and a helicopter flew right over our heads.  We had a great time and got some great pics.  Afterwards we drove around to see the runways with their lights on and the hangers.  At one hanger there was a Learjet and a few prop planes next to it so you could see the huge difference in size.  Aaron said, "There's a mommy plane, and there's a baby plane!"  So cute.

 We've decided that airplanes will be the theme of his birthday party this year and he's already requested an "airplane" cake.  He knows it's coming up and he loves to tell people, "my birthday's coming."  He's been saying it for about a month now!  Just today he told Grandma after she asked him how old he is, "I'm almost 3 but I'm only 2."  What a smartie pants!