Bike season!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be on a bike again!!!  Last year Ethan was too little so I don't think I even got my bike out once.  We've been a few times this year and the boys like it for the most part.  I think Ethan is still getting used to it.  We've discovered that they both like the seat better and therefore fight over it by whining while in the trailer.  I tried to make them both sit in the trailer once and it was a nightmare!  They just fought the whole time.  I actually did the whole, "I'll pull over right now if you don't quit it!" thing.  And I did follow through and pull the bike over.  Three times.  It was ineffective. That was the first and only time we will be doing that!

So the next time I put one in the seat and one in the trailer.  But that was a little troublesome too because the one in the trailer would cry about wanting to sit in the seat.  But we HAVE had some fun moments where one or the other is OK in the trailer for a while.  We just bought a seat for John's bike so that both of them can sit in a seat and we can take longer rides.  That's fine for family rides but one of them MUST sit in the trailer on mommy only rides.  Plus the trailer may still come in handy when we get to Colorado.  We can haul things in it.  Like camping equipment or something.

 Our Mother's Day trip - the first ride of the season.  Ethan wasn't sure at first but eventually he settled.
 Food or drink usually helps

 oops - no helmet!  But I did make him put it on eventually! : )  The bonus to bringing the trailer is we can attach his bike to the back and he can ride it once we get to the park.
 This was a mommy and boys trip.  Aaron wasn't happy in either seat.
Ethan actually did ok in the trailer for a short period.  I think he was just so tired he didn't care.

Looking forward to more bike rides and some family rides before John moves to Denver!