Ernie Miller Nature Park Hike

On Monday, John, the kids, and I went to Ernie Miller Park and met up with Esther and the kids (well most of them) to do some hiking and picnicking.  We had a great time.  Aaron was crabby off and on but for the most part he was a trooper.  We made him walk the whole way.  He's getting too big for the backpack now and he's old enough to walk himself!  Eman has been upgraded to the kid-pack.  It's getting too hard to carry him in the baby carrier anymore.  They are growing up so quick.  He had fun and was all smiles for most of the ride.  How could you not smile when you're riding on someone's back enjoying the outdoors?
 Happy on the way - "I wanna go hiking!"
 Not so happy - "I wanna ride my bike." Not that kind of trip buddy.
Matching hats! : )
 Family pic!
 Esther with Joshua, Noah, Hannah, Levi, Grace, Eve, Rebecca, Samuel, Issac, and a friend, Maclynn
 Creek crossing
 Love these shoes! Aren't those the cutest miniature John feet ever?
 Happy trails
Aaron workin hard - you did great buddy!