Boat Ride with Papa and Aunt Chelsee

We took Ethan out for his first boat ride the other day!  Aaron, Ethan, Chelsee, Dad, and I all went out to Clinton lake to take the boat for a spin.  Ethan did fantastic.  He is so easy going.  The only hitch is that Chelsee and I didn't know there were more "little boy" life jackets so the poor kid had to wear a princess one all day!  Oh well - what he doesn't know won't hurt him!

Aaron had a little bit of a rough time.  He was fussy for most of the time but he had his good moments.  He did brave the tube though he cried for most of it.  I think he'll have to ease into boating.  We didn't go swimming because the water was pretty cool but we enjoyed a great picnic on the water and rode around the lake a bit.  I think Aaron thought the coolest part was getting to go to the bathroom off the boat...  He's such a boy!  Ethan was cracking us up because it took him forever to find his balance with the big life jacket on.  He's already top heavy as it is!  So he was standing in front of me and I took my hand off of him for a brief second and he tipped backwards flat on his back in total shock!  It was like he was a tree that just got cut down!  So cute and no, he didn't get hurt because of the massive cushion he was wearing.  Despite Aaron's whining and the HORRIBLE wind, we still had a pretty good time.