Daddy's Last Week

This Thursday will mark the end of the first week without John home.  It's been rough but manageable.  The real challenge will come after our awesome week long visit next week.  But we got to spend some much needed daddy time in the days between when he left Shawnee Mission and when he left for Denver.  Here's a recap:
  • We went to the dinner theater with my parents, Chelsee, and Grammy.
  • We went out to Lawrence to see Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ian before they left for Minneapolis. 
We visited John's grandparents.
  • We had dinner at the Heintzleman's house.
  • We went to the pool and had dinner with the Crigers.
 We rode in the Jeep with the top off every chance we got.
  • We had John's parents over for dinner.
  • We introduced the boys to Geocaching.
We went to "Daddy's store" (Bass Pro)
  • We went on 3 picnics.
  • We got to go to Baldwin City and see Thomas
 We went on a 19.6 mile bike ride with the kiddos!

We had a great week.  Actually it was like a vacation but at home.  A stay-cation I guess you could call it.  I'm looking forward to spending time in Colorado next week.  My parents have given us a week of thier time share to stay in Winter Park.  I think John is only on the schedule a couple of days the whole time we're there and he doesn't care about the hour and 15 minute drive to work from the condo!  Thanks mom and dad! 

Miss you honey - see you soon!