Day Out With Thomas

This is the second year we've gone to see Thomas out in Baldwin City.  Daddy didn't get to go last year so this was his first time.  The boys were very excited to see their favorite engine. Aaron says "he was WAY big!"  This year we parked at a school and a bus shuttled us over to the station.  This may have been one of the highlights of the whole day!  The kids thought it was pretty neat to ride a school bus.

There were plenty of activities for the kiddos to keep them busy and we beat both the rain AND the crowds!  Bonus!  They liked the bounce houses the best but the toy trains were a very close second.  We didn't get to ride Thomas because I did some research and found out that Thomas will be visiting Golden, CO in September!  So we'll get to see him again and that ride is sure to be more scenic than here.  I'd spend the $18 a ticket for a mountain view. : )