World's of Fun

The boys and I got up as usual this morning, got dressed, ate some cereal and fruit...and then...said goodbye to daddy as he left for Denver.  Luckily, Granddad's company was so gracious to their employees that they sent not only him, but Grandma, the boys, and I to World's of Fun!  It just so happened to be on the same day and it was a huge blessing.  We had sooooo much fun!

I was a little nervous about taking a 3 year old and a 1 year old to a theme park for a long period of time but I was blown away at how well they did.  I was very impressed with Planet Snoopy.  It was great for both of them.  Ethan even enjoyed a few rides with his older brother and both were happy and excited for the whole time!  We had a fabulous (paid for) BBQ lunch where Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and a very talented balloon guy joined us.  We also enjoyed complementary drinks ALL day long!  They sure know how to spoil their employees! 

Enough chatter... here are the pics - they're worth way more than a 1000 words!

 "yook at that royer coaster!"

 One of Aaron's favorites though he never quite figured out how to actually make it fly!
 The boys LOVED Snoopy!  This was toward the begining before lunch.  When we had to leave planet Snoopy to go to lunch Aaron had a minor tantrum because he wanted to find Snoopy again.  We told him Snoopy had to take a lunch break too and were shocked to find him at our picnic!  Aaron and Ethan both were thrilled!
 This was one very talented balloon guy.  It was fun to watch him turn requests into colorful balloon figures.
 Nice to meet you Charlie Brown!
 Ethan's balloon.  It's a Thomas the Train balloon on a decorative "stick".  Aaron's was cool too (an airplane you could really fly) but I didn't get a good pic. 
 Ready for a big kid ride - the Octopus
 This one was a little scary - the ride was OK but when they unloaded and we were stuck in the air, he was restless and a little freaked out.
 Ethan's nap...
 Aaron's first Coaster!
 Ethan and I rode the hot air balloon ride
 Grandma rode the monster trucks with Aaron while I rode with Ethan
 Loved the swings - wish Ethan was tall enough for these.

We had to make Aaron sit for a minute in the stroller.  He took a drink, laid back, and within probably 45 seconds was out!  Grandma and I rode the Patriot together while he slept!

We had such a fantastic time!  I can't wait to go another time.  We had a few cranky moments but for the most part - they were great!  Real troopers for 5 hours in the sun.  Thanks Grandma and Granddad for taking us!!!