Aaron turns 3!!

We have a preschooler!!!  Well age wise anyway... no, this momma still does not have him enrolled as I do not know where we will be in August.  I digress, Aaron is 3!!  Happy belated birthday buddy.  We sure celebrated a lot this year didn't we?  Winter Park, Denver, at home with Grandma and Granddad, at the lake with Nanny and Papa... whew!  We are so blessed!

I've posted our Winter Park/Denver pics already so I won't repeat them but we had a great time and celebrated at the condo and also at Matt and Jaquelyn's apartment when he got his bike.

When we got back from our trip, Grandma and Granddad came over with gifts and took us our for dinner of Aaron's choice: McDonalds!  Of course!  

Last week we went to the lake (Tablerock Lake) with Nanny, Papa, Aunt Katie, Adam, and Aunt Chelsee.  We celebrated Saturday night.

We we got back there was a package on the steps from Aunt Jenny.  He loves to take "Ribbit" (as he named him) around with him and feed him/dress him.

Aaron LOVES all of his new toys and outfits.  Thank you EVERYONE! You all made his birthday very special.

Here are Aaron's 3 year check up stats:

Date: 6-4-12
Weight: 28lbs, 4 oz, 25%   (Yes, less than 5 lbs more than Ethan!)
Height: 37 1/2 inches, 50-70%  (Tall and skinny)


You are so full of life and energy!  You are getting so grown up that "mommy" is fading away and I've now become just "mom" to you.  You know just when to tell me you love me or give me a hug.  You are  considerate of other peoples feelings and always ask if something is wrong.  You have a wonderful heart.  You can climb like a champ and have little fear of jumping off of things!  Your vocabulary is constantly growing and you are always surprising me with your grown up phrases.  I love it that you like to cuddle me in the mornings when you wake up and that you are finally wanting to play with your brother - even if it's rough sometimes.  You are so smart and have a fantastic memory.  I know you miss your daddy right now and you tell me every day.  I also love that you are starting to learn more about Jesus and want to sing songs, pray, and blow kisses to Him.  You LOVE to sing songs.  We have songs for everything.  At night you tell me you want a song about something and I make one up just for you.  Then you remember it the next day and I can't remember the tune!!  I get tired and worn down sometimes but you always kiss me goodnight, love on me, and melt my heart by bedtime.  I love you so much.

Love you Always - and as Aunt Chelsee would say... not this much, THIS MUCH!!!!