Ethan's 15 month Checkup

So it's almost 2 months overdue now!  I'm sure he's gained a few pounds and inches since then.  Actually his appointment was almost a month overdue so he was really more like 16 months at the time.  Whatever.  Here's the stats:

Date: 6-4-12
Weight: 23lbs 10oz, 30-40%
Height: 31 1/4 inches, 52%
Head Circ: 18 inches, 10-25%


You are so precious to us.  You are growing up way too fast - I can barely remember you as a baby-baby.  You love your family.  You love strangers.  You basically love everyone. And you are a flirt, already a heart breaker holding hands with girls at the pool and wooing chicks on the playground with your adorable dimple and missing tooth.  

You're also starting to talk.  Here's what you are saying right now:

Da-ee, dad, da-da, ma, ma-ma, ma-mee, hi, bye, ba-bye, I wan down, I done, I stuck, a-ma (amen), gam cacka, ball, dog, ni-nite, qack-qack-qack (quack), beep beep beep, and so many other words that you can mimic really well

 You LOVE to eat - almost anything we give you and yet you are still so perfectly healthy.  You usually get down and go finish your brother's plate after you've already had seconds.
 You are perpetually happy.  It takes a lot to make you unhappy or tearful.  Well besides when Aaron is picking on you.  But even then you are usually laughing.
 You are such a cuddle bug too.  You love your "bankie" and have to have it where ever we go.  Once we left it at home before going to the lake and had to go home to get it.
You love your brother and look up to him and try to do everything he does. 

We love you bubs,