Lake Trip!

Last week I packed the boys up and headed for Tablerock Lake for a few days with my family.  We stayed at Stonebridge and had a great time!  It had been a while since we have been there and I had never paid attention to the kids stuff before.  They have a fantastic pool, a playground, and even a nature trail.  We checked out all three while we were there.

On Saturday we were just thankful have made it at all.  On the way down my tire started acting funny and my car would shake if I took it over 55 mph.  We stopped in Clinton at Wal-mart to have them take a look at it.  They got it all fixed up and $100 and 7 hours later we were at the waters edge.  We swam for a while - the boys had fun after they got used to it.  Aaron immediately made a new friend in Aunt Katie's boyfriend, Adam and from that point on he was "big A" to Aaron.  Adam could do flips off the dock and that made him instantly cool.

Sunday was the big Silver Dollar City day where we got to "ride the rides!"  We had to get some Billy Gails first though.  If you've never had the pleasure of eating at Billy Gails you are missing out.  They serve pancakes bigger than your plate!  We always try to go there for breakfast at least once while we are there.

So stuffed with breakfast we headed to SDC and braved the hot temperatures. Luckily, hot weather equaled short lines!  And it wasn't really that bad.  We stayed in the shade, ran in sprinklers, and rode rides to cool off. The boys loved it and they did fantastic lasting from 10:30 to 6:00!!  Aaron is still talking about the rides.
 Pre coaster... still happy!
Papa stayed with Ethan while the rest of us rode...
...maybe wasn't the best thing to start with!  Poor guy! BUT he did have fun the rest of the day despite the bad coaster experience.
 Water break
 Ethan's favorite ride.
 Nap time!!

 Cool dude!
Monday we played around at the condo.  We went swimming with Big A and Aunt Katie in the cool kiddie pool with sprayers, a jungle gym, and slide.  I took the kids to the nature trail but it was a bit hot and Aaron wanted to ride his bike which was hard on the dirt path.  The playground would have been fun but it was a little too hot.  So we mostly just hung around and chilled.  Every night we (the adults) played hand and foot - a card game that has become a favorite in our family.  It takes a while to play through the rounds and it's fun to play with partners while we snack the night away.

Tuesday we went out on the boat for a bit in the morning.  We took a ride to a nice cove and went for a swim with our floaties and squirt guns!  The boat had some trouble starting back up and for a minute we were a little worried - well maybe 15 minutes - and then Dad and Adam got it working again.  Whew!  That night we went to the Landing to see some fireworks.  After our long wait (the band played for 2 solid hours from 8-10!) we got to see a great display set to music.  They were actually shot off from a barge on Lake Taneycomo and we were just off the shore so we got see them go off from the ground up.  It was pretty cool.

We had a great time and enjoyed seeing and doing things we haven't gotten to in a few years.  : )