Little man of the house

Aaron has started comforting Ethan whenever Ethan talks about daddy. This morning Ethan was saying "I wan da-dee" over and over. In a big brotherly, loving way, Aaron says,"Oh bbbuuubbbbssssss, daddy's in Colorado an we gonna have a showing an we gonna go to Colorado too."

That wasn't the only time he's brought out that comforting line. The other day I was feeling pretty down. It had been a tiring day and I wasn't myself.  Our perceptive little three year old first asked me what was wrong and if I needed an ice cube. He thought maybe I had a booboo that needed an ice pack.  I told him was just feeling a little sad though I never said why. His response was, "Oh you miss daddy? Its ok."  He is so thoughtful.

Seems this little man is taking care of both his baby brother and his mommy.  Love that kid!