Hello Blog

This may be one of the longest stretches of no posts!  It's not that nothing's happening though.  It's been a very long few months without John here and mostly I just would rather sit on the couch or go to bed then sit down in the basement and blog at night!  Just sayin.  But, I do have some things to write about and keep updated for the sake of our lovely blog book.  So readers beware: there will be many posts over the next few days.

First things first, an update on our house/move situation:

After nearly 3 months of living a state and half apart, we will be joining John in Lakewood, CO the day after Labor Day!  We have found a duplex to rent that seems to suit our needs nicely.  It is an older place but its very roomy, has a great park within eye sight, and is a 15 minute bike commute to St. Anthony hospital.  We submitted our application and upon clearing the background check (duh, we will) the place is ours.  John meets with the owner tomorrow to seal the deal with our deposit.  I can hardly wait to be back together as a family!

Meanwhile, we have decided to keep our house as an investment for a year, two, or maybe more and rent it out.  There just isn't a market to sell it and we have not had a single offer (even a ludicrous one) in three months and 14 showings.  I'm sure given several more months we may find someone but we aren't willing to live apart for that long and we cannot live making two household payments.  We took the house off the market and hired a management company to begin looking for a renter for us.  Please pray the right person comes along and takes good care of our house while we are in Colorado.  The management company will be nice to have and they will take care of everything from finding the renter, collecting payments, dealing with maintenance, and finding a new renter should we need one when the contract is up.

So the move is on!  That weekend is going to be busy.  Matt and Jaquelyn tie the knot on the 1st!!!  We can't wait to celebrate with them.  Then when we return we will be picking up a truck from Budget and loading it up to make the journey on the 4th.  The countdown is on: 19 days until I see John.  25 until I become a Colorado resident.