Mr. Snuggles

Of course by Mr. Snuggles I mean Mr. Eman!  He is such a lover.  I have caught him various times hugging his older brother - even after been whacked with a toy.  Sometimes Aaron doesn't much care for the cuddle attention but other times he tolerates it and even tries to mimic him.  I of course think this is awesome because I cannot get enough hugs and cuddles!

He has a funny habit that has been forming over the last week or so.  It is quite hilarious.  Whenever he has a stinky diaper he comes over to me and wraps his little arms around my neck for a full on bear hug.  Then he'll release the hold pull back and smile - a very sly smile.  Like, "oh mommy.... I have a job for you..." type of smile.  If I don't get it at first, he'll hug me again, suck his thumb innocently and then flash me another grin.  By this time, I usually smell him and realize, oooohhhhhh he needs a diaper change!  Little stinker!  It's ok, I'll take the snuggle.  Even a "poop snuggle" as I've come to call them.

And his hugs extend to more than just family.  In fact, I would even call him a little ladies man when it comes to sweet little girls.  How can they resist his dimple charm?  We were at the Great Mall the other day and he made some friends and then followed them around hugging them.  It was adorable!