One Day at a Time

So what have I been doing these past few months with no hubby around you ask?  Plenty!  It has been so hot out so a lot of the things we've been doing are indoors or are in the mornings before the heat gets unbearable.

On a historic note, this is day seventy something of a major drought in our area.  It has been insanely hot here with very little rain and this week was the first week I have not seen triple digits in the 7 day forecast since before we visited Winter Park back in mid June.

Drought Monitor - Missouri

 The best way to tell a story is through pictures so here's what life has been like the past few months.
 We have gone through several containers of sidewalk chalk on both the driveway and the back deck.
 We play with play dough often
 Watermelon is a summer time favorite at our house.  The boys could easily eat their weight in it.
 We love to get out our hysterically small baby pool and splash around in the back yard.
 Sometimes we build forts and tents and even sleep in them all night long.
 I have become a gym rat where they will watch my kids for 2 whole hours while I get completely sweaty for reasons other than extreme heat.
 We have play dates - this one was at our house with Jude and Asher.
 We paint - a lot.
 Both boys love to be messy with any sort of art supply we have.
 I've been packing.  And packing.  And packing.  There's always something else I can box.
 We take naps.  At least I try to make certain that we are home from 1-3 so they can nap.  Sometimes I do too but not often because it usually leaves me feeling grumpy that I have to get up and play mommy again instead of sleep the rest of the afternoon away.
 We go to places like Leaping Lizards, Monkey Bizness, and Zonkers and enjoy the air conditioning while the boys burn off energy.
 Yes, Nanny actually went through this bounce house maze with Aaron and here is the proof, blurry as it may be!
 We go get ice cream - Burger King has 49 cent ice cream cones!
 I usually eat the top off. 
 They like the cone and can't eat it fast enough before it melts or they get bored.
 Sometimes I order take out or pizza.  This particular night I got a pretty amazing little fortune.
 We go out with friends.  This is a cute coffee house in Gardner. 
 Jude and Aaron made a great team serving Amy and I coffee and cookies.
 Straight from the oven to the display case.
I do lots of laundry.  Between dirt, food, and the occasional potty accident, they rarely end up in the same outfit at the end of the day.  And now that I'm trying to get Aaron to sleep without a pullup I'm having to add lots of sheets to the mix!
Occasionally we go "hot tubbing" at either Nanny's house or Grandma's house.  We turn the heat down to pool level and break out some toys!

We've also done a good amount of baking, picnics, and swimming but there will be future blog posts for those. These guys keep me so busy but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love being a mommy and I consider myself blessed beyond measure to get to spend my days with these boys.