Our New Home

We have some pics of our new place! They are still working on the final finishes so it is still kind of torn up but John was able to snap some shots.  We are so thankful for such a great place to be moving into.  I think it is going to be perfect for our family.  Our landlord is also a realtor so he's already keeping an eye out for us for a new home to buy when we are ready!  In the mean time, I couldn't ask for a better place to rent.  Everything is new!  And looking around the neighborhood I couldn't help but notice all the swing sets - lots of kids!  Here's a little unofficial tour.  There are two other rooms not pictured.  The boys room and a guest room.  Of course once we're settled I'll give you a real tour of our new home!

 The back yard.  It's half grass, and behind this shot is gravel.  The grassy area has a sprinkler system.
 This is the deck from.  There are 2 access points - one from the dining room and one from the master bedroom.  The boxes and trash are just from the remodeling.
 Another angle.
 This is the full backyard.  It is a duplex so the fence divides it.
 Our side.  Only 1 car garage but that's OK.
 The neighbor's side.
 This is the living room to the right as you walk through the front door.  It's full of stuff right now.  Of course it will be empty when we move in.
 Master bedroom closets - his and hers!  Not walk in, but I get my own space! 
 Upstairs bathroom.  Brand new cabinets and sink and flooring.
 Ad the base of the stairs, to the right is the den/playroom and the middle room goes to the storage.
 Future playroom! : )
 Storage space in the basement.  No more crawl space!
 Brand new kitchen cabinets, lighting, counters, and flooring.  Some new appliances too.

 Kitchen may be a little tight but I'll manage!
 Near by playground for the kids.
 Counters installed.
Other side.

So that's that for now!  We'll update the pics when we get all settled.  Only a week and a half away!!!!!