First hike as "locals"

This kids and I took a little jot up Green Mountain for a picnic lunch today.  We had a blast!  I carried Ethan on my back in the old kid pack we have (I really want a real one) and Aaron walked hand in hand with me.  I didn't dare let go of him!  He did fantastic!  I am so proud that he made it all the way to the top.  He was pretty tired on the way down though.  I carried him a little ways down.  Yes.  I carried both.  An extra 60 pounds.  As Aaron says, "mommy's a boss!" 

 Half way up, there's our car!
 Showing the mountain who's boss.  At the top he said, "Aaron climbed the mountain!  This is CRAZY!"
 There was much more trail but we were more or less at the top  here.  That's Denver in the distance.
 The front range.
 Ethan slept on the way up.
 This is our view!  Our neighborhood, Matt and Jaquelyn's Apt, and St. Anthony's where John works can all be seen from up here!
 Just chillin while we ate lunch.
Lunch time!  Everyone keep your rears on the ground please!  No walking around without mommy!  Aaron liked to test me but we made out ok in the end.

We had a great time and the boys took great nap this afternoon.  At one point Aaron said to Ethan, "Bubs, be quite. The green giant is sleeping."  What?  I asked?  "You know, the big green giant that gets mad?" Oh, the Hulk?  Does he live on this mountain?  "Yup and he's sleeping."  Apparently Green Mountain is where the Hulk resides...  Ha!!!  I love my little boys! Cant wait to take daddy next time.