First Nights in Colorado

~~written Wed night after arriving Tuesday~~
We’re here!  What a long ride!  We left Ron and Teresa’s house at 4:30 on Tuesday morning in the pouring rain.  It seemed to be a theme throughout the weekend of big events.  The rain didn’t last for long though and soon we were on a roll as the Farnsworth train cruised down I-70.  Aaron and I sang, “Grandmas car’s connected to mommy’s car, and mommy’s cars connected to the trailer truck, and the trailer trucks connected to daddy’s truck and we’re on our way to Colorado…” (To the tune of Dry Bones… “the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone…”)

We made several stops, spent about $310 in diesel fuel alone, had to get a new tire in Colby, and still managed to get to Denver in time to drop Gretchen off and Matt’s and meet the movers at our new address.
What took two days to pack into the truck in Gardner took about 3 hours to unload with the help of the movers.  Unloading is always the easier part.  We helped unload too and directed where all the furniture and boxes should go.  We may never find things again but oh well!  All told, we spent an exhausting four and a half hours unloading and setting up beds.  It was too late to mess with the hassle of bunking the boys in the same bed so we put Eman in the pack and play in our room and Aaron in his new room among all the stacks of boxes.

Wednesday was spent mostly running around.  We took the trucks back to Budget and Uhall, picked up the Jeep at the airport and ran other errands that needed to be done.  John got our utilities set up and I worked on the kitchen while Teresa watched the boys as they played in their new playroom and the backyard.  We made our first dinner, if you can call it that, and ate in.  Easy Mac and juice boxes (thanks Esther!) We still have not made it to the grocery store.

John goes back to work tomorrow and Teresa flys home to KC. Someday life will be normal again! I have a lot of work to keep me busy for now.  Here’s some pics.  We’ll keep you posted but for now I’m signing off.