Getting Out

We've been pretty cooped up here at the Farnsworth house.  Colorado is beautiful... I think... I haven't really seen much because I'm busy trying to establish a household routine and unpack everything still.  Yes.  I'm still unpacking.  The upstairs is unpacked to an extent.  It's not quite organized the way I would like yet and there are random boxes here and there that I need to go through still but for the most part, our living room, kitchen, master, boys room, bathroom, and garage are all set up.  Our downstairs is another story and may take months to completely set up.  The play room is the only thing all settled.  There is another bathroom, spare bedroom, and the laundry/storage space that needs a LOT of work still. 

I've had a silly emotional couple of days missing home.  It's just that I don't know where anything is here, I don't know anyone, and I haven't worked out in like 2 weeks.  Call me a gym rat, or snob, or whatever but exercising WITHOUT my kids is what keeps me sane and helps me burn off stress.  It has been hard finding a place to work out.  The YMCA here runs differently and while it is really nice, it is also pricey and not really close.  I finally figured out that the Rec centers here are the way to go. They are operated by the city.  So it would be like the city of Olathe having multiple gyms to work out at. This morning I purchased a family annual pass for the Lakewood Rec centers.  Our address is Golden but we really are not in Golden.  We are on the Lakewood border and even the trash service does not consider us Golden.  It's going to get confusing later when we want to sign up for City of Lakewood events as a local resident.  Oh well, we'll cross that bridge later. I digress.  So there are four facilities that are Awesome!  They break the annual payment down into monthly installments so we end up paying $35 a month for our whole family!  That is unheard of! Between the 4 centers we have access to tons of fitness classes, pools, racquetball, child care, tots open gym (gymnastics), and all sorts of equipment.
 Check out one of the pools!
 And the rock wall for ages 3 and up...
I'm applying for a Zumba position there.  I met with one of the instructors who was super nice and emailed me the link to apply and said they ALWAYS need subs.  I'm happy to start as a sub until a position comes up. She told me all the Rec Zumba instructors get together once a month for a ladies night out. They do a class together teaching one or two songs each and then go out for drinks afterwards.  Yes please!!!  They also do theme Zumba parties for special occasions like Breast Cancer Awareness (Party in Pink) and an upcoming Halloween party.  Plus some of them are forming a group for convention next year.  That would be amazing but we'll see how that plays out! 

After the rec this morning I took the kids out to Green Mountain.  We had a blast hiking and picnicing above the city.  I'll post that adventure next!  It was so nice to get out of the house even though I'm not done with it.

Still to come... Matt and Jaquelyn's wedding!  I still need pics so it could be a little while on that one.  Bear with me, I don't have my photoshop anymore so I'm having to learn some web photo editing sites which are easy but just different to use.  Plus Blogger went and changed things up on me.  Don't worry though, I'm going to keep everyone posted.  We miss you all!