Monkey See, Monkey Do

Aaron is a skillful climber and has been since about, oh... 10 months old.  Our little monkey is also very bright and good at problem solving which contributes to his uncanny resourcefulness.  Up to now, Ethan has been our little angel who climbs a little but all in all is just a simple little cuddler who doesn't get himself into much trouble.  Until now.  Now they are roommates and I'm convinced that Aaron must stay up at night giving Ethan tips on how to get into trouble during the day.  I picture him like, "OK Bubs, here's what you do.  Just follow my every move.  I'll show you the ropes.  You'll be out of that crib and into trouble in no time!"

Since rooming the boys together Aaron has made it his mission to see how many times he can climb in and out of Ethan's crib.  It doesn't matter how many times he gets in trouble for it.  So it's no wonder that tonight Ethan finally figured it out too.  John and I watched in bewilderment, after we put the boys in their respective beds, as Ethan made his debut at hoisting himself up the corner of the bed and over onto the glider.  It took him several attempts and he was pretty cautious but he made it.  And he was VERY proud of himself.  We tucked them in, said our prayers and goodnights and left the room with a certain dread.

About  two minutes later our adorable, dimple grinned Ethan comes hopping into the kitchen (Aaron prancing behind) proudly proclaiming with arms waving high, "Mommy! Daddy!" as if he had just won the Iron Man triathlon or something.  He also figured out, with the help of his older brother no doubt, that he could use his little rocker pushed next to a desk that we use as a changing station to access the light switch and turn it on for all kinds of delightful play time with Aaron.  Who needs sleep?  This went on for an hour and a half until I was forced to rock Ethan to sleep in a separate room and let Aaron go to sleep on his own with the light bulbs unscrewed so as to disable the light switch.

What do we do now????  Seriously??  The crib has now not only been rendered useless as a containing mechanism but also a hazard as Ethan is liable to get hurt vaulting himself over the edge.  I guess it's time to start the search for a loft bed.  With rails of course.  The plan was always to put Aaron on top and move Ethan to the cool toddler Jeep bed.  I just thought it would be in February or so when Ethan turned 2.  That's when we moved Aaron.  I have a feeling I'm in for some rough bed times!  Good thing John works days now so he's always home at bed time to help out.  Whew!


  1. lol. this is so funny! we have yet to have a crib climber, but this is probably because my kids are way too short to even attempt something like that. since you are close to ikea now you should definitely look there for a bunk bed. we got noah's there and he sleeps on the top. there is a canopy that goes over it, so he cannot fall off. noah loves it! hoping i might have another boy one day to put on the bottom. :)

  2. awesome! I have been wanting to check out IKEA. I've never been but heard lots of fabulous things. Got to hold off for a few months though. Moving was EXPENSIVE! : )


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