Thomas Round 2

The day has finally come where Aaron and Ethan get to actually ride on Thomas!  We have gone to see Thomas in Baldwin City back in Kansas two years in a row but cheapskate mom never let the boys actually ride him.  For $18 a ticket, including kids, it seemed too much of a racket.  So we basically went to enjoy the other FREE activities and sneak a picture in front of him.  It worked, they were too little to care.  When I knew we would be moving to Colorado I looked up the tour and found out Thomas would be in Golden!  I didn't know we would be residents of Golden only 2 weeks before our scheduled tour though! It turned out to be the perfect "Welcome to Colorado" for the boys.  Aaron has been anticipating this for weeks/months.  Every time someone would ask if he was ready to move to Colorado he would tell them, "Aaron's gonna ride Thomas!"

We had a great time even though the kids were mildly cranky.  I thought they did great for being tired, hot, and hungry.  I was a little disappointed in the ride itself though the kids thought it was pretty cool.  It was just a circle around the Railroad museum that did 3 loops.  No cool passes up North or South table.  Bummer.  As it was, "Diesel" had to help Thomas pull the eight cars around the loop at a crawling pace so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have made it up any mountains.  Mom forgot the cash in the car (almost forgot the tickets!) so luckily John found an ATM machine to buy some food for the kids.  I packed water but no snacks!  What was I thinking??  All in all I think the kids had a great time though.  It will be quite a memory.

 In the bus from the parking lot.  Fancy charter buses instead of school buses. 
 We're here!
 Man the sun is bright!  It was a little on the warm side too.
 Waiting in our car.
 The gang.
 Look, it's like the Sodor Steamworks!  Aaron asked where Kevin and Victor were.
 Thomas and Diesel pulling us around the loop.  We chose a car without a top because we thought we could see around better.
 The conductor came around and punched our tickets.
 My handsome boys.
Our friend Thomas
 Diesel helping Thomas out.
 Mr. I don't like loud noises trying to watch Thomas pull away.
 Playing with trains.  Cool table huh... we have a play room now that would accommodate a table like this...
 Crazy Eman waiting for lunch.
Tired boys!


  1. Nanny is SO glad they had a great time! Thanks for the pictures.....I miss you all SOOOOOO much. Hugs and kissesXOXOXOXO!


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