Our first real Snowy day in Denver

This week we woke to our first accumulation of snow!  So it melted  by the next afternoon but still it was exciting. It was the perfect kind of wet packing snow for snow balls and snowmen.  I'm thinking I was probably more excited than the boys. :) We started the day off with a hot breakfast compliments of chef daddy - waffles, sausage, and coffee.  Mmmm.....  Then we bundled the kids up in their snow suits and went outside to play in the snow before it melted!

 Poor Ethan did not like the cold on his hands and we couldn't find good gloves for him so we used socks. A problem which was resolved today when we went to REI and got nice waterproof mittens for him.  Aaron helped me roll snowballs for our snowman and then he used his "digger" to dig around in the snow for a while. We never quite finished the face.
Warming up with daddy

Next it was snack time!  I made cute little snow shoe treats in honor of the first snow.  We've decided to make this a family tradition.  Each year for the first snow day we are going to have a special snow related snack.  As the kids get older I'll let them use their imagination and see what fun treats we come up with.

Then it was time for a little indoor snow activity.  We made some snow globes using baby food jars, small toys, and glitter.  They turned out cute.  The kids favorite part was picking out which color of glitter to use and sprinkling it in the jar.

Last but not least, we picked up our new "snow vehicle!"  We've been hunting for a bigger, Colorado friendly, family car and we found it on Monday this week.  We got to pick it up Thursday afternoon and we spent the rest of the day driving around up in the mountains looking at pretty homes and enjoying the fresh snow while the kids watched movies in the back.

It was a fantastic day!!  The snow is all gone now but I'm looking forward to the next one already. : )


  1. Are you sure you're my child???? You must have gotten the snow bug from your dad 'cause I am not a fan!! Sounds like you know how to make a super fun day for the family though:-) Love you all and like the new vehicle!


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