Doh! (or rather dough!)

We had an interesting Wal-mart experience today.  The boys were surprisingly well behaved. I think it had something to do with the chicken nuggets and french fries they were eating while I zoomed around like a mad woman to get my groceries before the last of their lunch disappeared.  It was sort of like having a sand timer or something.

Anyway, I digress.  So we're standing in line and Aaron decides to help me load the groceries onto the conveyor belt for the cashier to check out.  This is fairly normal as he likes to help but sometimes he has a tendency to sort of throw the food up on the counter a little too hard.  Not usually a problem unless it's a can of refrigerated dough.  Crescents specifically.  He lobbed the can up on the counter top and the next thing I hear is a mini explosion followed by a plume of dust.  Apparently the can hit the counter and exploded sending the can almost to the ceiling and showering dough on the surrounding customers!!  There was dough hanging from the numbered light above the cashier and a large piece of the can landed two rows over on a display.  I'm thinking the dust was from the top of the light were some dough plopped down. At first it was scary but then people were laughing.

Side note: If you've ever been around me while opening one of these said cans you have witnessed the completely irrational fear of them that I have.  I usually make John open them.  They make me jump EVERY time!  This has not helped!

But that's not the end of it.  I continue to load up groceries when I hear a man say, "uh miss? Your son is eating the dough."  Sure enough Aaron is standing in the cart with a fist full of the refrigerated dough in his hands taking a bite out of it like a piece of fruit!  I'm pretty sure we deserve a spot on the "people of Wal-mart list" for this one! Ha! Never a dull moment.