Ethan the talker

Aaron may have waited until past 2 to talk but he sure is a good teacher now.  Ethan is becoming quite the talker.  He is very good at mimicking us and especially his older brother.  It is so sweet to hear him talking.  Some of our favorites are:

peeze {please}
ma dad-dy {instead of simply saying daddy, it's "my daddy"}
ya oo {love you}
nuggle? {can we snuggle?}
hhhike {hike}
yep {always with a head nod}
ook! {look - at him or at something else.  He does tricks like Aaron!}
uckie {yucky}

And his dog bark.  When asked what sound a dog makes he replies with his version of a bark.  It sounds a lot like he's pretending to take a bite out of something.  So cute!

Tonight he said, "nuggle, show?"  He wanted to snuggle up and watch a show before bed.  How could we say no to such a cute little boy with his bankie and thumb all ready to snuggle?  The whole family watched an episode of Curious George.  Or as Ethan would say, just "George."

He adds new words everyday and repeats almost everything he hears.  And he LOVES his older brother!


  1. Oh my goodness, they are so sweet:-) Did I put a picture of my dad when he was Ethan's age in the first box I mailed? Sometimes, I think he has the look or maybe that is just wishful thinking. Can't wait to see them for Christmas!

  2. You did! I forgot to tell you I got it! They DO look very similar!: )


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