Momma's Monkeys

I know I'm missing a Thanksgiving post and a family picture post but I'll get to it later...  I feel like I need to update the blog more often but I'm having difficulty finding the motivation lately.  Seems like not a lot is new these days.  Sure, I got a Zumba job (finally) every other Tuesday night which is exciting but not nearly often enough.  And we DID just celebrate Thanksgiving and all. But mostly our days are spent killing time in front of the TV and going to the park.  I'm trying to fix the TV issue but I realized I depend on it (letting the boys watch it) to get through my day.  We used to be such busy people, there wasn't much time to watch hours of TV a day. 

Anyhow, about the park.  Ethan is a CLIMBER!  And I mean really.  I don't think that kid has fear or boundaries.  Aaron gets a little freaked by certain things and I used to think he was the climber.  Ethan's doing the rock walls at the playground.  Like the 12 foot rock walls up to the slide all by himself.  SCARY!  But he loves it and so far we haven't had to make any ER visits.  Ha!  This park didn't have a rock wall but it did have a climb-y thing.  That's the technical name for it I think. : )

 Ooo... let me try!
 I got this mom.

 That would be Aaron going head first down the steep slide. 
This is cool - It's kind of like a merry go round.  The closest I've seen to one in a long time.  The boys think it's the neatest thing.

More blogging to come.  Promise.