Christmas in Colorado

I love the Christmas season.  There seems to be so much to do and see and Denver was no exception.  There were so many possibilities but of course we couldn't do them all.  We looked at lights a lot. It was one of our favorite things to do.  So many people decorate here!  One night we picked daddy up at the hospital upon Aaron's suggestion and went out for a drive.  We also went to a candle light walk, saw the lights at Trail of Lights, made our traditional gingerbread house with a twist, and went to a Christmas Parade in downtown Golden.  Surprisingly, we never went to see Santa.  For some reason it just never came up and since the kids had Dash to talk to and express wishes to, it didn't seem to matter.

 Aaron at the Candle light walk.  This was a walk down main street in Downtown Golden.  People sung carols and at the end the Mayor and Santa lit up the river walk with thousands of lights.

 Last year Aaron got tired of us trying to build the gingerbread house so this year we decided that while daddy put it together, the boys would make a forest of Christmas trees!
 We used ice cream cones and decorated them with frosting and candy.  Ethan mostly ate the toppings.  Anytime he actually got a piece of candy to stick to the tree he would later pull it off and eat it.
 Our finished house complete with snow and a back yard of trees.

This was at the parade downtown Golden.  It was the perfect length - 30 min and Mr. and Mrs. Claus rode a motorcycle with a side car!  So cool!  We ate out at Woody's pizza after - LOVE their pizza.

Somewhere we have pictures of some of the awesome lights at Trail of Lights.  It was a Living Social deal that we found for a Botanical Gardens decorated with thousands of lights.  And it was pretty incredible!  They had trees with their branches wrapped all the way up and then another color draped all around that.  It look like the trees had veins.  And these trees were not some little trees.  They were like 20 times taller than Aaron.  And we have a picture to prove it!  I'll look for the pics and post them later.

It was a great Christmas season. I look forward to next year - maybe we'll even live IN the mountains by then. : )