Christmas in Kansas City Part 2

 Saturday night we headed over to Nanny and Papas after having dinner with Jay and Chelsee at Applebees. (Side note - we ran into Michelle Farnsworth and Terry!  Small world!)  Then Sunday morning we celebrated Christmas with my family: Nanny and Papa, Grammy, Chelsee and Jay, and Katie and Adam.  So many presents to open again!  As I said before we are truly spoiled.  Or blessed I guess you could say!  Thank you everyone for the thoughtful gifts - we are having fun playing with everything back home.

 Helping Nanny make frosting
 Taste testing the frosting
Early morning risers

Later on that day we had a great Mexican Fiesta together before John had to get to the airport to travel back home.  He was supposed to work New Years Eve and day but the flu had caught up with him and he had a lovely puking incident on the airplane and ended up calling in for New Years Eve.

The boys and I stayed with my mom and dad for a few more days and hung out with my mom and  sisters.  My dad had to work.  In fact both Granddad and Papa had to work the whole time we were there.  I wish I could have planned better but we only had a narrow window of time to make it around the holidays.  Luckily Nanny and Papa are coming to visit in February for Ethan's birthday and Grandma and Granddad are coming sometime in March or April.

The flu wasn't done with us yet and I ended up getting sick Sunday night.  I was so bummed because I was supposed to co-teach a Zumba class on New Years Eve morning.  I was REALLY looking forward to it but I had zero energy and still felt nauseous.  Mom and Chelsee took the boys out and let me sleep for 5 HOURS!!  It was much needed.

On Tuesday, New Year's Day, I was finally feeling like a whole person again so Mom, Chelsee and I took the boys out to Oak Park Mall for a little while and lunched at Red Robin.  Meanwhile Katie was busy getting ENGAGED!!!!  My youngest sis is getting MARRIED!!!  Congrats Katie and Adam. : )  You guys are so cute together. And props to Adam on a romantic proposal in the middle of the ice skating rink at Crown Center.  Let the wedding plans commence!

The next morning was all about packing!  How to pack all of our stuff and three extra people with their stuff into our Dodge Durango?  It was no easy feat but we got it squared away and set off on our long - very long - trip back to Denver.

Kansas City was great and we were reminded again (not that we needed reminding) of how much we miss our friends and family.  Merry Christmas everyone.  Thank you for a fantastic visit.  Can't wait to see you all again soon.