Christmas in KC Part 1

It was so great to come back to KC for friends and family visits.  Our first stop was the Farnsworth's.  Since John had to work both Christmas day and the day after we decided that our best option was to drive after he got home from work.  So I cleaned and packed as best I could and we rolled out of town around 8:30.  The kids did sleep most of the way which was fantastic but it was harder than I thought to stay awake all night long.  I only drove for a small section between Hays and Manhattan and John drove the rest.  We ran into some VERY dense fog and light snow on the way.  It was about 6:30 am when we arrived and the kids were up and ready to play with Grandma while we tried to catch a few hours of sleep.

That night after Granddad got off work we exchanged gifts with Grandma and Granddad and Jenny and Ian. How spoiled we all are!!!  We all got lots of neat things to keep both the kids and John and I busy.  Thank you for all the wonderful gifts.  We are so grateful and love you all so much. Unfortunately our visit seemed way too short and was further shortened by a run in with the flu that affected Ian, Aaron, and Teresa while we were there.  There was lots of resting and reading and watching new movies involved.  I even learned some knew knitting stitches from Jenny and started working on a new project.

 The boys playing with their new toys
 There was lots of Ellie loving.  Oh how we miss our dog.  
Little Eman taking a rest
 "Fork and Screen" and Grandma and Granddads

Ethan playing around in the cradle up in the playroom

The next day was all about visiting with people.  The kids and I met up with Amy, Jude, Asher and Jett for a play date at the Mall.  It was a much needed BFF date!  The kids played while we caught up and then we had pizza for lunch.  It was nice that Aaron and Ethan are both old enough now to run around with Jude and Asher in the jungle gym area inside Zonkers while we could just sit at the bottom with Jett and visit. Later we stopped by Great Grandma and Grandpapa's.  We also got to see Bridget while we were there.  It was nice to see them and visit for a while.  Later that night John and I went on a date with Chris and Esther.  It was fantastic!  A date?! Good dinner, good dessert, good conversation...  Great day!

Saturday morning was so much fun!  My good Zumba friend Michelle had invited me to teach a few songs with her at her 8:00 am class at the Olathe YMCA.  Over the summer I taught that time slot and I knew a lot of the people that regularly attend that class. Plus with my year and a half of teaching at the Y there were very few faces I DIDN'T recognize.  I had SOOO much fun seeing familiar friendly faces and shaking it with my old class.  It really made my day and made me feel so loved to have so many people happy to see me.
My good friends from Zumba