Family Winter Hike

Sixty degrees is hardly winter but it was late November none the less.  We decided to get out into the mountains and take a family hike.  Ethan rode in the pack on my back and Aaron walked some and rode some with daddy. He started off whiny but got better as the hike went on.  It was maybe a  4 mile hike but the views were great and John and  I got some great exercise.  We went to Maxwell Falls which is in Evergreen.  The waterfall was pretty - mostly frozen - but we could still hear the bubbling water underneath as we walked next to the creek.  The plan was to put up Christmas decorations when we got home.  We were so tired we decided to wait until Friday which actually worked out great.  Another post on that to come.
 All bundled up and ready to go. It wasn't quite 60 in the mountains.  Eman is sporting the hat Amy made.
 Got to wear mittens.  Brrr.  It's a little chilly if you aren't working hard like mommy and daddy.  Aaron chose a hat made by Grandma.
 Super cheese.

 The creek was full of cool looking ice.
 Checking out the waterfall. 
 Maxwell Falls
 Funny bubs got really cranky about half way through.  He INSISTED on wearing his blanket over his head like this.  He would cry if you tried to take it off.  We finally realized he must be cold so we put the sun shade up which helped block the wind to his face.  He was much happier.
 Checking out the view on the cliffs.  This was the most nerve racking part for me.  Aaron just wanted to climb on the boulders but these were on the side of a good sized drop off and it didn't seem to bother him.  We had to be firm about the hand holding rule.
Aaron requested a photo with these rocks.


  1. Nanny would have the blankie over her face so that she didn't have to look DOWN when mommy or daddy stand on ledges! The boys are adorable:-) Can't wait to see you soon!


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