Grandma Jennings

Earlier in December we received a phone call that sweet Grandma Jennings had passed away.  I was fortunate enough to have met her before her Alzheimer's had completely taken her mind.  When John and I were dating I remember visiting her and Grandpa Jennings trailer on Uncle Danny's property.  Sundowners had already set in but there were moments when she was still there and she would tell us stories of her past.  Stories I'm sure her grand kids had heard a million times.  Unfortunately she never knew our kids.  Once she came to our house to visit in Gardner and got to see Aaron.  She kept calling him Monkey Doodle - an endearing nick name she once called John.  She touched many lives as did Grandpa Jennings and at her funeral people spoke of wonderful memories.  It is a wonderful blessing that she is now with her Savior and reunited with Grandpa Jennings with a healed mind and body.

Her funeral allowed us a chance to come and visit everyone.  Twice in one month? Yes please!  While in town we spent time with both families of whom we had not seen in 4 months - the longest I think we've ever gone without seeing them.  Here are some great pics from that visit.

 Concentrating hard at Zonkers

 Ethan is going to be the roller coaster kid!  As long as he can still suck his thumb. : )

 Papa and Aaron.  Nanny we need pics with you too!

 Lunch with Grandma and Granddad and uncle Matt

At the funeral.  This is the perfect depiction of our kids personalities!