Christmas Kick Off

Last Friday we took the whole day to kick off the Christmas season.  This year Santa sent a special helper to watch over the boys! He arrived that morning and brought breakfast from the North Pole.  (An idea I borrowed from a fellow "pinner" on Pinterest.)  The kids were surprised to see him on the table along with their  choo choos and buckets of "snow donuts" and "snowball hot cocoa."

 Meet Dash - our special Elf Friend from the North Pole
 It's cold at the NP so Dash brought socks to keep their feet warm.
 The story he left tells all about Santa's helpers and how he flies back to the North Pole each  night to report to Santa about all the things that Aaron and Ethan are up to.  That way Santa knows if they are being good little boys.  He hides in a new spot each morning and the kids get to look for him.  They can't touch him or he loses his magic.  Aaron is very serious about this rule.  We don't want Dash to disappear.  We went through a few names before coming up with Dash.  Aaron wanted to name him Jesus because he watches over us.  Smart kid.  But we explained there is no one like Jesus and only He can have that name.  So Dash it is.
 The note Dash left.  We didn't have any decorations up so guess what we spent the day doing?

Daddy also made eggs and bacon to go with our donuts and hot chocolate.  Dash left us hugs and kisses from the NP.  This is Ethan "mid-kiss." : )

We spent the next several hours listening to Christmas music and putting out our decorations.  We went to Ace Hardware and let the kids push their mini carts around while we picked out some new LED "kissmas yites" as Ethan called them. Then we played outside while daddy hung them up - phase 1 at least.  We aren't quite done yet.  During nap time we put up the tree and strung the lights on it so it was ready for ornaments when the kids got up.  The boys were obsessed with one area of the tree and even today it is still heavily decorated in one area!

After a crock pot dinner we headed for downtown Golden for the Candlelight walk. There was a lot of waiting around before we left and the kids were a little antsy but it was still pretty neat.  We saw a co-worker of John's and  hung out with him and his wife.  We drank hot Chocolate, held our little candles in between juggling the kids (next year we'll carry them in our packs), and sang songs off and on as we made our way down to the river walk - Santa leading the way.  We didn't get to see Santa flip the switch or much of the lights as they came on due to the insane crowd and my near panic attack. : )  But the walk by the river was nice and the lights were beautiful. 

It felt like midnight as we piled back in the car and headed home. It was only a quarter past eight!  Everyone was pooped but it was good day.  

More on Dash later.  He sure is sneaky.  He likes playing with toys and climbing plants.