2012 in Review

What an amazing year full of all sorts of events big and small.  It's hard to imagine so many things going on in one year or how 2013 will possibly top it.  But I'm pretty sure I say that every year.  But seriously, here are a few (or a lot) of things that went on in 2012:

My Grandma Thies passed away at the age of 91, we celebrated Ethan's 1st birthday, my Grammy moved to Kansas City, John left his job of almost 15 years and started a new one in Denver, he moved 3 long months before the kids and I did, we had TWO family weddings - Jenny and Ian and Matt and Jacquelyn, celebrated 10 years of marriage, went on lots of trips: Winter Park, Tablerock Lake, and Rocky Mountain National Park, we settled into a new home in Denver, celebrated my 30th birthday, John's Grandma Jennings passed away, and we spent the first Thanksgiving and Christmas Day ever away from family. Whew!

We also had a goal of going on 100 picnics in the year of 2012.  We didn't quite make it but we DID get to 60!  That's pretty good in my opinion.

We have made a new outdoors goal for 2013.  We are aiming for 30 hikes this year!  Since we love doing it so much we thought it would be fun to see how many we can go on and 30 seems like a reasonable goal.  Maybe we'll do more!

Since video clips seem to build up and I'm not great about posting them on the blog a lot, I put together a recap of video clips in 2012. I think I'll make one every year.  Maybe sometime years from now I'll string them together and watch/relive our life as it plays before me on a TV screen.

The song playing is called Home by Phillip Phillips.  I have had my struggles with moving away from my friends and family back in Kansas City.  A while back God brought this song to me when I needed it most and I believe He is promising me that this too will become my "home."

As for resolutions there are plenty.  More like goals actually.  Most of them are pretty typical: health and fitness goals, financial goals, parenting goals, and a desire to get more involved with our church.  I love January because it feels like a fresh start.  2012 was a fantastic year and I look forward to 2013 and what it has in store for us.