Aaron's First Day of School

Again while it is fresh in my mind, I'm going to skip over some posts I don't have time to sit down and write right now and blog instead on the present day.  Today was Aaron's first day of preschool!!!!  How crazy is that?  We found a place in Golden called South Table Mountain Preschool and visited in December to check it out.  It is a faith based preschool in a Lutheran church not affiliated with the school system.  This is good for us because they enroll kids all year long unlike the school system preschools here that only enroll for the fall and must be done like 9 months in advance.  (Which we missed because of our September move.)

We had talked to him a little about it but I didn't want to psych him out.  If I get too excited about something he usually finds a way to make it not work out ANYTHING like I thought it would.  So I tried to hold it in.  In my head I'm all like, I can't believe he's almost 4!  He's getting so big.  But will he like preschool?  Will he  throw some embarrassing tantrum or repeat something his mother shouldn't have said in front of him on accident? This is a huge moment for me as a mom.  I get to take the infamous backpack on the front step photo and pack cute snacks, pick out "school clothes" and write his adorable little name on everything.  AND I get to hang out with Eman one on one while big bro is in school!  Oh bubs.  I get uninterrupted snuggle time.  So many things to be excited for.  Some people have asked if I will be sad to drop him off.  Um. Not really. Ha!!!  But in all honesty I know he is more than ready for this and it is only twice a week in the mornings.  Next year he'll go all week.  Maybe it will be different then.  Or maybe I'll enjoy the break so much that I won't mind taking him everyday!
His spare clothes.  I used a sheet set sack!  Not plastic bags allowed.
Cheese stick and cantaloupe upon Aaron's request.  The green thing is a little ice thing.

So being that I have a pretty temperamental/moody boy at times it could have gone really well or really bad.  Luckily, we had picked out a cool cars container for him to take his snack in the night before.  He was so excited this morning to take a snack with him and carry it in his very own backpack (with his name plastered everywhere and on everything) that he barely even paid attention to what was really going on.  He did get a little nervous and moody when I explained that Ethan was staying with me.  I don't think he realized that was part of the deal.  They have become inseparable at times which is stinking adorable and horrible all at the same time but that's for another day.  He got dressed relatively easy for me, ate his breakfast and loaded into the car without much of a fight.  He even hammed it up for the camera.  Mommy had to get the classic pic.

 When we arrived the staff did an amazing job at making him feel welcome.  He was greeted by his two teachers, Miss Lori and Miss Bekki and introduced to some kids, a few books, and some cool looking toys.  He was so busy he didn't even hug me goodbye.  I was a little sad about that - he owes me two next time!  There was a cubby all ready to go with his name on it for his bag and spare change of clothes and a bucket for water bottles and snacks.  He seemed very proud to place his snack in the bucket with the other kids. --ok now I'm getting teary--

I received a calendar of special events and activities planned for January.  Every child gets to bring in something for show and tell each month.  It's usually their favorite toy.  They call it mystery bag.  The item is placed in a non see through bag and the other children pass it around and get to guess what it is.  Aaron was chosen to go next week.

I didn't have to sneak off, he basically told me he's "got this" without so many words.  So Ethan and I left and ran several errands.  Target, the bank, Good Times (Burger place that has good breakfast burritos), and Walmart.  It was fun just taking Ethan and SO much easier!!!  When we went to pick Aaron up the teacher told me he did great but that was about the extent of our conversation.  It was kind of chaotic.  I tried to ask him what he did and if he had fun but his mood had swung and he simply told me, "I don't want to talk about it mom."

I later got a few things here and there from him and I think overall he enjoyed it.  Time will tell - I'm just so happy to have a routine!  My little boy is getting bigger every day!


  1. yay aaron! yay you! isn't it amazing how much easier it is to only have one child to run errands with! i love that he said he didn't want to talk about his day. lol. i can hardly get noah to tell me about his day either.


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