Potty Power!!!

 Hello, my name is Aaron and I've woken up dry 12 nights in a row!

It's true.  The night we said goodbye to Aunt Chelsee, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Adam was the night we also said goodbye to pullups at night.  The first two nights he woke up wet but has not had a single accident since!!!  He's FULLY potty trained!!!!!!!  

But not to worry about all those left over pullups - they will be put to good use.  Little brother is so intrigued by the potty that he has started requesting to use it.  And actually does.  Especially if Aaron says, "hey Ethan, you need to use the potty?"  What's he going to say, no?  He's up for the challenge 100%.  Anything to be like his big brother.  He has gone at least five times in the little potty now.  Mostly after baths or before bed when Aaron tries one last time before lights out.  He is soooooo proud of himself. And we are so proud of them both!

I'm not planning on pushing potty training right now.  We started way before Aaron was actually ready so this time we're going to move slow.  It's so great that he's interested so I have a feeling it won't be long. I believe he'll be ready before Aaron was - if only for competition sake!  And since we won't have a move to prepare for, we won't wait as long to take away the evening pullups.  I'm guessing sometime this year we will become a diaper/pullup free house!  How exciting!  At least until number three comes along.  No I'm not pregnant yet.  Stop wondering! ;)