Ski Trip to Keystone

We had such a fantastic time skiing together and spending time with each other kid free.  The morning of the 3rd we set off to Keystone where we had reservations to ski two days and stay over night at the Keystone Inn Hotel.

Both days were bright and shining although pretty chilly.  It took me about half a run to remember how to actually maneuver on skis. I got my one panic attack out of the way right off and after the first run I was good to go.  We skied until about four stopping to break at lunch over a shared $15 basket of 3 chicken tenders and fries!!  We vowed not to eat on the slopes again.  John's thermos was PERFECT and when we returned to the Jeep we enjoyed still wonderfully hot coffee.

After that we checked into our hotel.  It was a great place to stay and had a lot of amenities   The staff was super friendly and helpful.  We checked in just in time for happy hour and got a complimentary glass of wine.  We both really wanted to check out night skiing so we made our dinner reservations for later that evening and then suited back up and headed to the slopes again.

 View from our room

 Looking over the map whiling enjoying a glass of wine... just before we went out night skiing.  Maybe I should always have a glass of wine before skiing...

Night skiing was amazing.  I REALLY enjoyed it and would love to go again.  My fears of height and too many people were replaced by the beautiful starlit blanket of the night as we skied down the mountain with the run to ourselves.  I wish we could have gone several more times but it was zero degrees and we had dinner reservations to get to.  I would go night skiing again for sure.

Dinner was fantastic and we even splurged on a very pricey (and tasty) bottle of wine.  It was a fine dining steak house and well worth every penny.  I love that after 10 years of marriage we still have plenty to talk about over a nice dinner for two.

The next day we spent some time in the hot tub on the roof overlooking the slopes after dining in the restaurant at our hotel for breakfast.  Waking up on our time was FANTASTIC!  And we had no visitors in our bed throughout the night.  After checking out around 11:00 it was go time again.  Skiing was great the second day but a bit more crowded.  I think John could have lasted longer but I was pretty tired and ready to rest by around 4:15.

It was SO nice to get away for a few days.  I love my kiddos so very very much but I also love my husband more than I can ever say with words.  It's hard to have time with each other while caring for an (almost) 2 and 3 year old!  Thank you Chelsee, Katie, and Adam for watching the boys for us.  I know they had a great time with you!