So what do you do in the winter with the kiddos?

My mom asked me this question a while back as a totally normal conversation starter.  Only problem?  I couldn't think of anything!  But that is not to say we do nothing.  So I started thinking about it and in case you are wondering too, here is what we do to keep ourselves busy.

We do "art show."  It's when we drag out all of our art supplies and paint, color, play with play dough, etc.  It's usually followed by bath time in which they get to "do the dishes" and clean all of thier brushes and paint tubs.  It is debatable which is more fun.

 Check out their cute aprons from Grandma!

(This video was pre-aprons)

Sometimes we have dance parties.  This is a favorite for burning off cooped up energy.  I plug my phone into speakers and let them be crazy boys.  It generally is a lot of running circles but they LOVE it!!  Some of their favorites to boogie down to are the Ghostbusters theme song, Wooly Bully, and "Bad" from Dr. Seuses the Lorax.

We snuggle and watch TV together.  Our favorite shows: The Lorax, Cars, Finding Nemo, Kung Fu Panda, Curious George, Shawn the Sheep, Go Diego Go, Horton Hears a Who, Spiderman and recenntly, the Avengers.  Ok so we probably watch too much tv. : )

 We were supposed to be watching a show here but the boys decided to make it "snow" on their train tracks while I was in the bathroom.
Back to being sweet...

We like to go to the "Pirate Ship Pool" at one of the Lakewood rec centers.   I don't have any pictures of them actually swimming because I always go into the water with them.  Maybe I'll get a few next time we go as a family.  Besides the pirate ship there is also a huge slide that goes outside the building and comes back in landing you in the pool.  It's pretty cool and FREE for us because I work for the rec.  Ok so we pay like $15 a month or something for the whole family but it's basically free.

We also like to go burn off energy at the Southwest YMCA.  They have a bounce house that I have access to when ever we want to jump.  We just go and I turn it on and voila!  They have a whole bounce house to themselves.  Again, basically free because I work for the Y.  Duncan YMCA is also fun for the kids.  They have an indoor jungle gym/play place and an outside playground.  The boys enjoy playing there while I workout but it's not NEAR as flexible and you have to make reservations.  Still - pretty fun.

We still play outside.  Unless it's like 10 degrees outside, we try to spend as much time as we can outside.  I like to blog while they play. : )  In the few houses around us there are 4 boys (1 Ethan's age, 2 Aaron's age, and 1 9 year old who likes to play with us too).  Then there are two little girls ages 4 and 6 who the boys loved having over to play.  

 "We're making dirt soup mom!"

We haven't gone yet, but I'm told there are fun story times at the local library so we will probably check that out soon.  It's great for rainy/snowy days.  I will be taking Ethan to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center for story time next month while Aaron is in preschool.  Should be pretty fun.

We stay pretty busy.  And now between my new Zumba and Aqua Groove classes and Aaron's preschool schedule, we are keeping a full schedule again.