A few (P)interesting projects...

Here are some things I've found on Pinterest, others that I created on my own that were inspired by things I saw on Pinterest, and still others from my very own noggin.  A lot of them were Christmas gifts to friends and family and some are just things I've done around the house.  Some things are from as far back as last summer and none of them are in any particular order. Check it out.

 Kids art work displayed in our hallway.  They open up to display the latest masterpiece and then you can store older ones inside.
 This is our deep freeze.  I found several recipies and made a bunch of meals for our freezer.  A lot of them are crock pot meals.  I keep and "inventory sheet" on our fridge so we know what's in there.  It's perfect for the age old question, "what should I make for dinner tonight."
 This is in our coat closet.  It's shower curtain rings on a hangar to store our scarves.  I also have one in my bedroom closet for my belts.
 Home made doggie treats for all the dogs in our life back in KC.  The kids helped me with these.
 These are some onsies I made for my bestie's baby last summer.  Baby Jett.  They started as plain white and I dyed them and created iron-ons for each one.
Sometimes we use ice cube trays as paint trays. 
 Scarves I made for Christmas.  My SIL, Jenny, helped me learn how to knit when we were in town for the funeral in December.
 This is my "bored-um box".  Inside are tabs for things to do at home, free things to go do, inexpensive things to go do, and date night ideas.
 A bath paint set for kiddos.  The bath paint is homemade and then I just found things that kids might think are fun like paint brushes and sponges, a spray bottle to wash it off, and an "eraser" or sponge to clean up with.
 This was a decoupage project.  I actually dyed regular computer paper with wood stain and it turned out looking a lot like the wood I used as the base.
 A hand painted olive oil bottle.  I see more of these kinds of projects in my future.  Maybe flower vases, salt and pepper shakers, or candle holders.
 Grandparents Art Portfolio.  We gave a portfolio to each set of grandparents so that the boys can send them their special artwork and they can keep it in a special place.
 Another Decoupage project.  Decoupage is just basically gluing pretty paper onto an object with several coats of modge podge.
 Reindeer beer...  also done in root beer as well.
 A massage shirt to be worn by daddy while the kids drive their cars around.
 Not the best picture quality but this is a salt dough plaque of the kids feet. "Mistletoes"
Christmas Tree 6 pack of sprite

I have others that I forgot to take pictures of like the bathroom tile coasters I made.  I thought those were pretty neat.  You take a bathroom tile and decoupage pretty paper on them and then glue felt to the bottom.  Here's a set that someone else did.

So there you have it.  My obsession with Pinterest grows more and more!  I can't wait to post pictures of Ethan's Party.  We're having "Fish and Chips" (Gold fish shaped sandwiches and potato and chips), "Fish Food" (Melon balls), and "Sea Water" (blue koolaid) for lunch.


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