Beautiful Saturday

It's killing me that today it's 60 degrees and we are not out hiking!  But I did manage to get a killer Zumba workout in, take the boys to two different parks, and have a picnic so far.  Not bad for a beautiful Colorado Saturday.

One of the parks we stopped at happened to be a community garden.  I have never seen one of these before and it intrigued me.  I guess it works like a co-op where you get your own plot within the garden and then you work the land together.  Each person has their own garden but everyone helps and you can learn a ton.  It's a 100% organic garden so there are classes on how to treat fungus and insect problems without using chemicals.  And last year they donated over 400 lbs of produce to needy families.  Sounds pretty amazing to me.  It's not quite in my "community" though so I don't know if I would get a plot there.  Plus I know absolutely zero about gardening as of now so I wouldn't have much to offer.  Maybe someday though.

Maybe after naps we can go on a mini hike.  These boys sure keep me on my toes.  I love them so much.  Wish John did not have to work today.

Still no hike but we decided to ride bikes and scooters to the park.  Ethan is getting so good on his little strider!

Another beautiful day tomorrow.  hmm... What should we do?