Happy Hiking

A few days ago we set out on the 3rd hike of the year.  Number 2 was a Mountain Mama Hike that Ethan and I did last week.
Mountain Mama Group (Some of us at least)

This one was a family hike and it was one of those perfect stars-are-aligned-and-everyone-is-happy kind of hikes.  We went up to Red Rocks and did part of the trail - about a mile and a half or so.  It was a short trip but also sweet.

First off, Aaron hiked the WHOLE way by himself with his own pack and water.  He did fantastic!  He huffed and puffed all the way to the top making comments here and there like, "I love hiking!" and "I love my water."  All smiles - even when he got tired. Little Ethan rode on my back and as we passed people he would say, "we're hhhhiking!"  It's very cute that he holds the "h" sound out so long.

At the top we had a little snack and enjoyed the view.  Daddy was a little chilly!  But we bundled up the boys really well so there was no complaining about being cold from them.  I learned this great trick from my friend Amy in Mountain Mamas.  She puts adult wool socks on her little girl who's about 4 months younger than Ethan.  It works perfect.  I just used a pair of John's socks and pulled them all the way to his arm pits.  Then we put his sweatshirt on and then his coat.  Oh and I also put a pair of his size gloves on first so his hands were double insulated.  He didn't even care that he couldn't grip anything and I just fed him his little Teddy Grahams so he wouldn't have to take them off for snack time.

On the way back down we spotted "prints" in the snow and dirt.  Aaron was so cute.  He was like, "daddy, whats this print?" We spotted human, dog, deer, and bike prints. We even saw some Aaron prints from the trip up!
This was probably one of the best family hikes yet.  I can't wait to do more.  I found a $4 hiking boot score at a local thrift store for Aaron so now he can wear those instead of his snow boots.