Captains Crew

Last month when mom and dad were in town we purchased Captains Crew membership at the Aquarium.  So since the other day was absolutely GORGEOUS yet extremely muddy we decided <sadly> against hiking and opted for a visit downtown.  It was the perfect day for an outing.  Our Aquarium passes not only include admission for a year but also tickets to the 4D ride, sting ray food, face painting, and more - all of which are separate charges otherwise.  And since our favorite store is right next door, we actually parked at REI and walked by the river front to the Aquarium so our parking was free too.  Add in a packed picnic lunch and you have a wonderfully FREE morning of family fun.

 The boys opted for "arm paint" instead of face paint.
 The squirrels were not shy and carried away pieces of lunch that the boys dropped.

Throwing rocks in the river.  Little Eman decided to try walking on water.  He walked out ankle deep and just stood and looked at us with a grin.  We thought surely he would turn around right away but he must have wanted to go for a swim - until he realized how cold it was!

Unfortunately Ethan was 4 inches too short for the 4D ride so he wasn't able to go.  BUT since we had 4 tickets - Aaron got to ride twice!  Once with mommy and once with daddy.  It is one of those simulated roller coaster rides where the chairs move and you wear 3D glasses.  It was pretty fun but Aaron got a little scared the first time around.  We fought hard to keep the boys awake on the way home and nap time went without a hitch.  Success!