The Hunt is On

For eggs!  We did 3 different egg hunts this year.  The first one was at one of the YMCA's that I work at.  The boys know it as "the bounce house Y" because it has a room with a bounce house in it that they get to play in when I teach there.  The hunt was fun and I knew a few people there but John was not able to come since he was working.  The kids still had a good time though Aaron was majorly bummed that all he got was chocolate.  What???!!!  Yeah, my child is a fruit loving, chewy, sugary type.  No worries, daddy and I ate all those M&M's for him!  And Ethan could care less what kind of candy it was.

 He must be enjoying a Starburst.  I think he got 2 of them.  Ethan is showing me his loot!

Next up, Lakewood Rec Center.  Another place I teach at.  This time was a bit overwhelming.  We stood in line FOREVER to get in, then it was super crowded as they waited in line again to play games and finally we went on the hunt.  It was for ages 0-5 and they were instructed to collect 10 eggs and then wait for everyone to get their 10.  Yeah right!  So Ethan did OK, he collected about 7 eggs before they were all gone.  He thought it was fun and I loved watching him waddle along yelling, "I got one!"  Aaron, on the other hand, has inherited a little crowd anxiety from his mother. He collected 2 eggs and then FREAKED out!  There were about 100 kids all running onto the field at the same time.  He sat on the ground with his hands over his head and cried while other kids ran all around him.  He later told us he DID NOT want to ever go to that egg hunt again.  Poor kiddo.


 Feeling bad that poor Aaron didn't get a good egg hunt experience, we enlisted Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn to help set up our own egg hunt in the back yard.  The kids had a great time hunting them!

The Easter bunny sure was good to the boys this year.  He even brought gifts from Kansas City!  I'll be posting an Easter Day post soon!