A Blissful Day

Mother's Day this year was fantastic.  Blissful actually.  Did we do anything special?  Not really.  It was just one of those days where everything makes me smile and appreciate all the things that God has blessed us with.  The kind of day where the air feels fresher, the sun shines brighter, and the flowers smell more fragrant.

For breakfast we went to good ol' Denny's.  No cooking, no mess.  Perfect.  Then we spent the better part of the day playing around in the garden and yard.  I made some DIY non-toxic weed spray to get rid of the overpowering weeds in our rocky areas.  The best part of NOT using harmful chemicals is that the kids can help out.  They thought the weed sprayer was pretty awesome.  I did assure the neighbor it was just vinegar and salt when I got a confused look from across the fence!

We also sprinkled baking soda around so the weeds won't come back.  Check out my other blog, Sports Bras and Aprons, in a few days for the details on natural yard recipes.

Next up was the garden.  I was so excited to FINALLY get the plants out in the ground.  John and I tilled the garden the hard way - with sweat and blisters but it didn't matter.  To keep the kids from digging in the plants, we made them their very own garden complete with tools and plastic veggies to "plant."
 The kids garden.
"Mommy and Daddy's" Garden
So far we have roma tomatoes, broccoli, romaine lettuce, green beans, blueberries, strawberries, and peppers planted.  I still want to get the cucumbers and watermelon in the ground.  Hooray for spring!

Church was great - we went to the evening service and it was Baptism Sunday.  I love hearing people's testimonies and getting to witness the joy of sharing their faith.  After church we headed out to eat at a new place I've been wanting to try.  Its called Mod Market and it was very hipsterish - lots of gluten free, organic, fresh options.  Very yummy!  We sat outside and watched the sun set behind the mountain range.  Riding top down in the Jeep, I just wasn't ready to be finished with the day so we drove up Lookout Mountain to enjoy the rest of the sunset.

 Our view

Natural flavored soda.  We still drank water but thought this was neat.

Thank you John for the great day.  I love you and the kids sooooooo much!  I hope all my momma's out there had a great day too!