KC Spring Trip

This past week was so wonderful to see everyone and hang out with family and friends back home in Kansas City.  We were there for 5 days and managed to squeeze in quite a bit while there.  The pics are not in order and there are quite a few!

 Nanny and Papa were bummed they missed breakfast Thursday morning but they were there in spirit!  Aunt Chelsee made us a nice breakfast and then we all headed out to see them at work for a few minutes.

 Lunch play date with the Crigers!  Look at all those handsome boys.

 Uncle Ian singing the "Poop Snake" song while the boys help him play.  They were cracking up!

 Aunt Jenny made an adorable elephant for Eman.  He's such a cuddler!

 Aunt Chelsee and Ethan playing at Monkey Bizness.

 Sisterly Love <3

 Mr. Photogenic

 Papa showing the boys his ducks

 Early Mommas Day pampering

 The boys went for a swim with Papa and Aunt Chelsee in the hot tub

 Gobbling cookies at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house.  It's the first thing they asked for when we got there!

 Hanging out with the Heintzleman's.  

 Loving on Ellie Belly

My hubby and I all dressed up

 Saber Ceremony after the wedding.  So cool

 Mona and Shelby - it was so great to catch up and hang out with them

 The happy bride and groom, Emily and Brian 

 Guess who made it to the party?  Willie the Wildcat!

 Uncle Jim and Aunt Marilyn - aren't they stunning?

 Smile boys!  

 Family pic!  Where's your smile Eman?

 The Farnsworth Clan

 Tearing up the dance floor!

 Yeah, we shut the dance floor down that night!

 Granddad and Ethan

It was truly a fantastic party!

Thank you everyone for such a fun visit.  We can't wait to come back again.  Love you all!