Aaron's First Family Ride on HIS bike

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday-Family-Fun day.  It seemed like it had been a while since we have taken the time as a family to get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful state.  With John's surgery and my growing Zumba schedule things like hiking, biking, and park outings have been put on the back burner temporarily.  (And thus less blog posts as well.)  But that is starting to change.

Saturday I went to an all day Aqua Zumba training - yes, I am now officially an Aqua Zumba instructor!   The reason I bring it up is because John had the boys all day long.  When I asked what they did all day he told me they rode bikes and went to two parks.  One of the parks is .8 miles away (according to Google maps) and our little champs rode their own bikes the whole time!!!  I was in shock.  I'm told Ethan was pretty whiny, especially on the way back so he may not be quite ready to go on his own yet.  I was eager to see for myself.

So Sunday afternoon we packed a picnic dinner and loaded up the bikes on the Jeep.  Three of them.  The plan was for Ethan to ride in the bucket seat since he is not quite old enough to last very long on his Strider bike (though he is VERY good at riding it).  We decided to try the river path next to Clear Creek in downtown Golden.  With the top down on the Jeep, sun shining, and jamming to music we took the side streets and enjoyed the afternoon sun.

Downtown Golden seems sort of surreal to me.  There are people all over the place, walking or riding their bikes or skate boards, with their families and dogs.  Oh yes, dogs everywhere.  It's like you have to own a dog in this town.  And as we pulled into the parking lot we started seeing swim suits and inner tubes.  Some suits were a little too tiny in my humble opinion!  It was very cool to see though because people just bring their own tubes and go rafting.  We are planning on taking the boys sometime - hopefully when it gets a little warmer because the water is FREEZING!!!  It's from all the snow melt coming down the mountains.  I love that there is so much free entertainment here.

But I digress from the point of this post!  So we get there and Aaron just goes for it.  I had never seen him ride his bike like that before.  I was totally having a mom moment following behind everyone.  Aaron was our leader and then John and Ethan and then teary-eyed me.  I don't know what set me off but the sight of Aaron with his little helmet and eagerness to get going, taking the lead, just made me so proud.  Of course I had to take pictures.  I'm sure I looked like a total weirdo holding onto my handlebars with one hand and my phone in the other as I snapped way more pictures than necessary!  But at least I am not the only one who gets to enjoy them.  Here are the pics from our wonderful ride yesterday.

 Lots of kayaking too...  There are these little rock openings all up and down the river and people just hang out by the water.  Or IN the water.
Luckily we found a little spot where there was a sort of cove formed and it was safe for the boys to dip their toes in.  What creek trip would be complete without throwing rocks right?  This is where we had our picnic dinner.

Looking forward to many more family bike rides!  


  1. The water there never really gets WARM, fyi. It's pretty much freezing all the time!

  2. Ha! Bummer. : ) Oh well. Maybe if it's hot enough outside then it will be refreshing.


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