Discovery Park

The kids have been cooped up for a while, stranded at home with parents who just want to rest.  John had to go to work the other day and I was feeling a little better so when Aaron said, "mom, could we PLEASE go do something fun?" I couldn't resist.  There is this park near our house called Discovery Park that the kids like to go to.  It's got a huge playground area, sand pit, and a skate park where Aaron likes to watch.  He told me next time we go we have to bring his scooter.  I would love to see that!

I had heard there was a splash pad there too but it's never been on when we've gone before.  Now that the weather is so warm I figured we would give it a shot.  So swimsuits on we loaded up and headed over.  The splash pad was on and the kids LOVED it!  We even ran into a friend of mine from up the street and her daughter.  There was a "creek" they could wade in and a water spicket in the sand pit.  The boys kept themselves entertained for two hours!  We brought our lunch so it basically went like this:  splash pad, playground, splash pad, lunch, creek, splash pad, sand pit, splash pad.  I brought a change of clothes but they never wanted to change out of their suits.  I love me some free entertainment!