Grandma and Granddad Visit

Last week we were fortunate enough to have John's parent visit us.  We had so much fun!  It was a whirlwind visit full of lots of fun activities including an aquarium visit, rides in a hot rod convertible Camero, Mt. Evans, and watching Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn play bike polo at their tournament.  And of course, perhaps the most important activity for one special 4 year old, Aaron's birthday party.  Since I have SOOO many great pics, I am going to break this up into 3 posts.  The visit, Mt. Evans (because those pics are on Matt's camera and I haven't gotten them yet), and Aaron's birthday.

 Playing the rocket game.  3,2,1 blastoff!!!  Super fun but now those silly rockets are stuck on the roof!  Daddy will have to get them down. : )

 Grandma and Granddad rented a Camero!

 Lookout Mountain

 Enjoying a pre-dinner snack

 REALLY enjoying it! Love this watermelon face.

 It was sunny the whole time!

 Watch out granddad!  It's going to eat you!

 The otters were everyone's favorite.  They love to perform.

 Look at how large that fish is!

 Never gets tired of finding Nemo.  And Dory.

 Look!  There's a monkey at the Aquarium!

 Making grass angels

 Matt and Jacquelyn's bike polo team, the Glitter Chunks.

 Picnicking at the tournament.

 Playing baseball while waiting for Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn to play again.

More to come!  Our Mt. Evans trip was AWESOME!  We saw tons of mountain goats.  And Aaron's party was a lot of fun.